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Can These Shoes Be Saved? Part 5: Recovering Damaged Soles


Problem 5: Beat-up, discolored, uneven soles. (Also useful for converting street shoes to dance shoes.) We touched on this in Part 1 when soles are too damaged for a cleaning to fix, but not so damaged that they need to be completely re-soled. An inexpensive option is to recover the sole to get a nice even surface for dancing again. […]

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Can These Shoes Be Saved? Part 4: Repairing Worn Insoles


Problem 4: Ridged, peeling or damaged insole/footbeds. In strappy sandals, when the insole or foot bed gets damaged, ridges, or worn thin, putting in a typical drugstore liner doesn’t really do the trick. The liners can significantly alter the shoe’s fit in an undesirable way. Over-the-counter insoles wear out quickly, don’t stay in place well and they frequently show while […]

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Can These Shoes Be Saved? Part 3: Reinforcing the Toe Box


Problem 3: Toe-box is stretched/too loose.  Stretched out toe boxes can be a problem with suede and kid leather toe boxes as they stretch and soften quickly compared to fabric, smooth leather and patent leather. It can also be a problem with nearly any shoe for dancers who have “compressible” feet.   A pair of shoes that seemed to fit so […]

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Can These Shoes Be Saved? Part 2: Restoring Soles


Problem 2: Worn, smooth or hardened nap of suede soles. (These tips also work well for soles that are just gunked up with floor wax and the like.) Before you take your shoes in to the cobbler to be re-soled, try to clean them yourself first to see how much improvement you can get. Soles can look pretty ragged and hard, […]

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Can These Shoe Be Saved? Part 1: Ankle Strap Issues


Tango shoes can be a very expensive investment in our dancing. Regular weather-proofing and cleaning will help our shoes last longer, but what about bigger issues that can develop over time? When should a shoe be saved – and when should it be retired? This series will go through the most common issues that come up in ladies tango shoes […]

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