Welcome to the Argentine Tango Club!


Dear Friends,
I apologize for the late notice. I have just received the confirmation from UST that we can resume the tango classes for the spring 2015. We start this week with Tuesday Beginners with Elizabeth and Wednesday Intermediate with Mauro. Weekly classes will continue through May. We will regularly update you with topic and material from the classes.

Tuesday, January 13, 7pm-8pm
Instructor: Elizabeth
Level: Beginner
Cost: Donations
This week: Because not many folks will get the message in time, this week will be for catching up and refreshing. Let’s get together and share stories from the break. Come and dance! We will cover a few basic concepts of walking and embrace.

Wednesday, January 14, 8pm-9pm
Instructor: Mauro
Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Cost: $15
This week: Refresh and review.

University of St. Thomas
Jerabeck Athletic and Activity Center
4000 Mt. Vernon, Houston 77006
(Actually on the corner of Graustark St. and Branard St.)
Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/nqeoa